What to Expect on the day




This is an important day for you! And you don’t want anyone taking away from the sanctity of your wedding. We will be on our best behaviour & avoid burping, drooling, talking on our mobile phones or stuffing our pockets with favours. Well maybe not the last one…


Covert Ops

We will capture the moments of the day big and small without being obtrusive. We are more like ninjas! We are experts at blending into the surroundings & with the guests while knowing exactly where to be for the money shots.


Dance, Dance, Dance

We love to dance! We love to get involved with your guests so pump up the volume. We especially love taking a spin around the dance floor with grandma!


Appropriate Attire

Although John would love to wear his jorts (jean shorts) and sleeveless flannel shirt…we will never allow that to happen! We will arrive fresh, clean and dressed professionally.


We Were Supposed to Make a Left…Right?

We don’t ever want to cut it close with our arrival. We like to provide a “cushion” of time for us to set up and get familiar with the location well before the main event i.e. the ceremony begins!


Rolling with the ‘Homies

’We get to know your other wedding day vendors. Even if it’s as simple as making a call to say “What’s up, we’re the people with the cameras…”, it makes the day run as smooth as silk. And in most cases, we already know the other vendors from working with them previously and love being one big team on your wedding day!


Ask Before We Peace Out

You can trust that we won’t just pack our bags and leave (even though we are ninjas!). Sometimes the celebration keeps going and you want us to be there until the party stops! We ask either you or one of the mothers if there is anything else we should capture before leaving.


It’s Going to be Fun on a Bun

Everyone must get used to being comfortable around a camera so don’t worry! Just be your usual goofy self and enjoy the ride. We are there to preserve all your amazing wedding day moments just as they are! The films you fell in love with on our site are the result of our clients ignoring us and soaking up their day.

“Colour is everything,  black and white is more.”  					 Dominic Rouse

“Colour is everything,
black and white is more.”

Dominic Rouse