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The traits of an awesome photographer

If you haven’t already I’m sure you will spend many hours researching the vast web looking for the right team. So, what makes an awesome photographer and cinematographer? The best way to explain this is to define the key attributes that we have adopted for our team.



Composition of a scene, angle and point of view.

Technical photography skills

Need to know how to use a camera right? Don’t want to be fumbling with the dials and missing a precious moment.

Patience and concentration

Some moments need patience, such as grooms reaction when seeing his bride for the first time, stay on the subject and wait for a reaction.

Attention to detail

Its the little things that go a long way such as distracting background objects, misplaced hair, crooked bow-tie.

Strong networking skills

The ability to communicate and connect with the bridal party and family. This is so very important, and goes a long way towards running a smooth productive day.

Team working skills

Its not just us on the day, there is the makeup artist, hair-dresser, wedding cars, wedding-planner, priest, MC that we need to coordinate and work alongside.


“But before all else, a work of art is the creation of love. Love for the subject first and for the medium second….” 


Eliot Porter