The Video Edit Process

Cinematography is an essential part of film-making. It’s about creative visuals that reinforce a narrative (your wedding) and give the audience an emotional experience. It’s less about the equipment and more about how it’s used, but this fact is often overlooked by many filmmakers.

Our core and most common package includes:
Two cinematographers, providing multi cameras simultaneously to capture various angles of the same scene. 

This way we capture as many important reactions as possible.

Below is one scene captured by 4 different video angles





Here is a section of the edited video showing how the multi-angles come together

*The number of cameras used on the day is subject to venue limitations and/or restrictions


Backup, backup and backup

Immediately after each wedding, we copy all the raw footage onto our main RAID server. The footage is visually checked and then two more copies are created onto separate hard-drives, one is sent off-site to another location for extra assurance.

Your video is made to order

We want to give you the most rockin’ film possible and we need your help! Our questionnaire asks details about the day/time-line/details so that we are prepared and ready for GAME TIME! It’s also our road map while editing your wedding.


To ensure we complete your film on time, we need to have your song selections back very soon after the wedding. Keep in mind music you choose could be subject to copyright laws and limit the ability to post online for public viewing. They can only be shared privately for your own personal viewing. We do offer the option to use music/soundtracks that have limited copyright restrictions (fees apply)

We take our time to do It right

You want to watch your film immediately and relive the feeling of the day! We completely understand. However we are creative artists. We go through every single bit of footage, slave over songs, and torment over different camera angles. We want to give you the best work possible.

Video Editing Process